Friday, November 12, 2010


Two posts in one month - how's that for commitment?!

Well on Jumah we don't 'do' anything formal, so right now the kids are downstairs playing computer games. I know I know. But once a week treat... and it's just monster trucks getting to the end of the race. Nothing violent.

Midget still ill and worried about his ickle chest. Please make du'a he doesn't become asthmatic -

And in the evening they have football training insha'allah. Which, between all the other classes the boys go to, means I no longer have a life. Not that I had one anyway, but we did like to pretend.

And I'm tired because the Midget commandeered the bed space last night so he could whimper loudly and give me a blow-by-blow account of how ill he was. It was a detailed monolgue.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

OK so I Finally Upgraded the Template

... that I've had since 2003 or something like that. Back in the day when Blogger wasn't owned by google and you had to write your own template if you wanted it all fancy.

I caved in and upgraded and spent the best part of half an hour salvaging the links. I hope you all appreciate that - I did it for YOU people *waves arms in a semi-circle*.

ANYWAY where were we.

Heducation, yes.

Well today Boss has taught the midget all about Egyptan gods and who is related to whom, who has killed who, and what each god is in charge of. All this without us 'learning' about it - this is his own research and learning. And I patted him on the head and said 'well done, clever clogs'.

Put decorations up for Eid ul Adha.

Midget has a snuffle but I have no sympathy with him - he puts absolutely everything in his mouth so he deserves it. He even wiped his toothbrush on the floor in front of the TOILET the other day *dry heaves* I just don't know what to DO about this weird 'shove everything made of sh*t in my mouth but gag at Mama's cooking' phase.

This too will pass this too will pass this too will pass...

ANYWAY. Heducation. Yeah

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lil annoucement

Erm, I blog over here now - I dont know if I will ever use this space again.

My So Called Life.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Did you know

that carrots in medieval times were white or purple?


Carry on.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quote of the Day


Me:: Is the phone there??

Midget :: YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me :: then go call someone who cares

Time Flies, and all that jazz

Can't really get my head around the fact that it was February last time I wrote here, but given that I don't really know what month we're in, I don't know why it's so shocking.

I'm currently hiding upstairs with the laptop whilst the children destroy my house. It is One of Those Days. Just a bad idea from beginning to end. Oh and now they are screaming. And swearing. Life just gets better and better.

So what have we done since February. Stuff. You know. Stuff. Maths, literacy, sports, days out, road trips.

Oh God they're getting louder. And they're coming up the stairs to lodge complaints.GET HELP.

EDITED TO ADD :: hurrah; a nose has been smashed and there is blood everywhere. Bedsheets have to be washed and the carpet needs scrubbing. It is noon, people. I am afraid to think what else can happen today...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Duxford :: Pictures

Bugger off and let me read this book about child-centred learning

Some questions I ask myself:

1. Do I homeschool because I can't be arsed getting out of bed in the morning, every morning to do a school run?

Quite possibly.

2. Do we unschool because I can't be arsed getting organised?

Quite possibly

3. Do I read lots of books to avoid the inevitable of actually implementing anything?

Quite possibly.

ANYWAY, enough inner angst. We bombed down to Duxford Air Museum today. Kids are loopy about planes at the moment and so this was a surprise day out. I think they liked it. I think they liked it a lot. I'm knackered but the boys want to go back. And live there. They are even talking about which plane they want to camp out in. (Concorde and Eurofighter, if you're interested).

Pictures to follow, but totally recommend this place if you have lads into anything aeronautical.