Monday, July 24, 2006

Searching for a jar to catch fishes in....

Today was one of those just lovely days masha'allah which, I hope, define memories of one's childhood - sun and blue skies, somewhere to go and things to see and lots to look at and investigate.

Went to FM with our butterfly net. Saw loads - very beautiful. Had a lovely walk masha'allah. Saw dragonflies and crickets and fishes from the bridge. Found a secluded bit and sat in our own world watching the world go by. Caught fishes and both boys were pleased with that.

On our walk we even saw a "tornado" - as we passed by a field we saw the tornado/whatever travel across it taking up lots of dandelion-type seeds high into the sky. It showed clearly the cyclonic action. DH told Boss about tornados from Africa.

Fed the swans and made plans for the miniature train ride when I had some cash on me!

With all the children there today the world seemed so much more beautiful. It is such a shame people farm their kids out to school and we have to wait to the holidays to see the meadows full of beautiful flowers...

"Look at that bloke...what's he doin'?"

I am content alhamdulillah.


  1. Masha'allah it sounds really nice :) So I take it he didn't go round thumping the other kids?

  2. The content of me fridge is what's interesting me at the mo....nice pics

  3. I really like your pictures D. My camera has bitten the dust..your pics are always so clear...what brand of camera is it?

  4. butterflies and dragonflies... i enjoy those insects when i was a kid :)

  5. Sony Cybershot dsc-p52. there are better on the market but I love this one.


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