Friday, November 12, 2010


Two posts in one month - how's that for commitment?!

Well on Jumah we don't 'do' anything formal, so right now the kids are downstairs playing computer games. I know I know. But once a week treat... and it's just monster trucks getting to the end of the race. Nothing violent.

Midget still ill and worried about his ickle chest. Please make du'a he doesn't become asthmatic -

And in the evening they have football training insha'allah. Which, between all the other classes the boys go to, means I no longer have a life. Not that I had one anyway, but we did like to pretend.

And I'm tired because the Midget commandeered the bed space last night so he could whimper loudly and give me a blow-by-blow account of how ill he was. It was a detailed monolgue.



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  3. May Allah give the Midget a speedy recovery.


  4. Assalamualeikum sis!! I found your blog on Allmuslimahblogs and I am so happy I did, subhanAllah! I love you're ramblings, and am inspired by you seen that you homeschool, and hope that I'll be homeschooling my own children one day if I am inshAllah blessed with kids from Allah swt.


    The Creative Muslimah @

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